Quotes To Live By


“Thanking God is the voice of Faith.” – Dr. Hattabaugh

“Faith is on the line…will you rise in defense of Faith?” – Pastor Angie

“Faith attacks things…it never settles back in defense” – Pastor Angie

“Pass the legacy of faith to your children. Nothing is more important.” – Pastor Angie

“Don’t leave or abandon your place of faith, God is counting in you.” – Pastor Angie

“Faith is refusing to be swayed from the ground of victory” – Pastor Nancy Dufresne

“If you have not learned to be consistent in the face of opposition you have not learned to stand by faith.” – Pastor Nancy Dufresne

“Faithfulness is an important flow/requirement of your faith” – Pastor Nancy Dufresne


“As long as you have seed you have an opportunity to increase.” – Dr. Ed Dufresne


“If you want change in your circumstance you must accept change in your thinking.” – Dr. Hattabaugh


“Where the word is silent the people will stay defeated.” – Pastor Angie

“It doesn’t matter that you say you love God or his word, it matters what fruit is displayed that proves it. – Pastor Angie

“We need to rise in defense of The Word” – Pastor Angie


“Our love for God should be the motivator to serve.” – Dr. Hattabaugh

“It is dangerous to try to operate in an area you are not called into.” – Dr. Michael Jacobs

“Your percentage of being yielded will determine your percentage of power. If your 100% yielded you will have 100% power.” – Dr. Michael Jacobs

“When you do things without the anointing it will produce confusion.” – Dr. Michael Jacobs


“Your outlook determines your outcome.” – Pastor Angie

“When you stop reaching you stop growing.” – Dr. Hattabaugh

“You cannot walk with God and walk with things.” – Dr. Hattabaugh


2 responses to “Quotes To Live By

  1. Ramiro

    October 29, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    Wow that is amazing, how much you yield yourself to God determines how much of his power will be effective in your life. Of course this will come back to having a relationship with God. When He becomes your one and whole source, His whole power will be available for you.

  2. Bryan Rose

    November 12, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    Ram, isn’t that good? Praise God! Dr. Sumrall used to say this, “Father, I only ask that you give lester 30 minutes to shower and get ready, then the remaining 23.5 hours belongs to you…”


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